img_0009After almost two days of pool time, I made it into Ybor City tonight to hang the "Sirens" show. I'm now much more excited about the opening. the space is much bigger than I anticipated and super nice. Erik Jones' stuff is amazing, and so good to see in person finally. I forget how gratifying it is to see my pieces up in a gallery, in a nice open room with good lighting. I love having a few of them home, but they look much more at home in the environment they were intended for...go figure. Ybor city is pretty fresh so far too. I got a quick tour of the immediate area tonight, and while carpet pants and Insane Clown Posse fans somehow still exist here, it's a really cool little zone. I'm staying with Jeff Srsic tonight right down from the gallery. He was gracious enough to let me crash in his guest room and we've been gibbing about artists and our oddly similar early touring years all night. tomorrow we have tentative plans to hit the Salvadore Dalí museum, and then onto the gallery for the reception. I'm excited and will do my best to document.

best, a