I'm flying somewhere over the middle of the country on my second flight of the day, on my way back to Oakland. my flight from Tampa to Kansas City left at 8am, which meant getting to the airport much earlier for the usual security theater. Phil was nice enough to drive me to the airport shortly after 6am, even though we were both up watching MMA fights and talking art until 2am. we both keep track of art we run into on the internet, so we did some trading. One guy Phil pointed me to that I'm really impressed by is Istvan Sandorfi, a Hungarian painter who apparently just passed away in 2007. There's not too much I can find about him but his work is pretty crazy. his combination of photo realism, and painting textures is unreal.

dos_anne yeux_safi fontaine_des_innocentes

anyway, I slept through the first flight and planned to start my coffee regimen during my short layover in Kansas City. unfortunately though, the Kansas City airport sucks big time, and most likely was designed long before there was such a thing as airport security and the TSA. In order to get from the gate I landed at to the gate I was to take off from, I actually had to leave the "secure area" and go through security all over again. something like every 5 gates or so are in their own little area, so to get anywhere else in the airport you have to jump through the usual hoops as if you left the airport entirely. on top of that, pretty much every shop in the airport is outside of the secure areas, so one cannot buy anything to drink because you can't take it through to the gates...Starbucks included. this makes for an under caffeinated and increasingly grumpy Nagel. I plan on walking straight to the Peets in the Oakland airport before I even get my bag, because Oakland's airport is not stupid like Kansas City's. this post may require a new  blog category called "pathetic complaining".