she has hair. I'll get some close-ups going soon, but again, i'm running into glare problems...harsh lighting and wet paint. this first pass on the hair took about 2 hours. I worked from dark to light, again leaving extreme darks and highlights until the end. there needs to be a lot more highlight and detail on the hair but i'm going to leave that for later.

At this point I also started glazing the figure and arrows. over the next few days/sessions, I'll go in with both light and dark glazes to refine almost every aspect of what I already have down. I use Liquin to create glazes, with varying amounts of pigment depending on how dramatic I want the change to be. I find that getting dark areas as dark as they need to be on the first painting pass is pretty hard, and I get much better results painting with a little less contrast and adding those extreme darks with a glaze. same goes for lights. glazes go down quick but often need time to dry before hitting them again or I'll just end up pushing the glaze around instead of intensifying it.

here, I've started darkening the shadowy areas with a glaze of burnt umber, alizarin crimson, and ultramarine blue.