A NEW ONE, DAY BY DAY – days 9 thru 14

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So i'm not sure if this painting actually took only 14 days. the last few have been short sessions, and by no means could be considered full days of painting...but there's no way this painting went that fast, they never do. but then again, it is on the internet as such...so it must be true.

arrows (5)here's a few pictures of the finished piece, just after finishing the last of the glazing/detail. again, there's a bunch of glare and they're not terribly color accurate, but once things dry and I can apply a temporary varnish, I'll have it shot by a professional and will post right away.

In addition to all the dark and light glazing, I also added some white/light yellow glaze outside the lines, to get that glow flesh tones seem to generate under hard light. I'd like to experiment with more light and focus issues in the future; issues that aren't necessarily the result of a camera, but also the effects your eyes get from objects in the periphery, blown out areas, distance, etc.

so this one is done. a decent shot will follow in a few weeks so check back. a huge thank you to anybody keeping track of this 'step by step' journaling experiment, I hope it wasn't too boring.*

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*I had to restrain myself from writing a disclaimer before every post...something to the tune of: "my blogging does not indicate an assumption that people are interested or care about frequent updates from me, simply a blah blah blah...etc etc." but that would have been the ramblings of a self-conscious new "blogger"**, and I have to assume nobody wants to hear that either.