responsehere's a sneak peak at a new piece about 90% completed. I've been working on nothing but the text now for almost two months and I'm finally in the home stretch. there's still a bit more to do on the figure, but I'm really happy with the way it's looking so far. I've had this painting setup in my living room (braced with a ruler clipped to the canvas and anchored in a shelf of cds), so I can work on the letters on and off and still have some space in my studio to work on other pieces. I hadn't originally planned to do the text all the way around the figure, and I can really only stand to work on this a couple hours every day (at most). thanks to the powers of OCD though, it's almost done. I really need another easel for times like this. I've been painting all the type in the lower right side of the painting splayed out on the floor on my belly... very uncomfortable.