STEP by STEP – day 4

and onto day four. I have most of the first pass of the flesh done now and it's been pretty smooth. having done this a few times, I know that while I should be pretty good on color, the contrast will be way off once the background is in. right now, the majority of the flesh tone is in range of the canvas tint, once it's replaced with a much darker color though, the whole figure will be kind of flat. at that point though I can go in and correct areas, and then start tinting, which should make everything more dramatic and realistic.


hands are probably the hardest body part for me to paint. they're super fun though and I enjoy the challenge. I've said before that it's often hard to apply enough darks and lights on the first pass, and I played this one very safe. right now this left hand is even more lacking in contrast then the rest of the body, but i'll fix it later. actually, it's a little too yellow too now that I think about it.


I'm going to lay the background in next, so I can start working to make everything look right.