shortly before I knocked that glass of water onto my laptop I'm out at my dads place in Massachusetts taking a much needed break from reality. I've been working on a new piece for the last few days and it's coming along nicely. I'm trying to get as much done here as possible before I head to Miami on Thursday for Art Basel. I'll then either have the painting shipped out to California once it's dry enough, or just leave it out on the East Coast and come back to finish it.

It's been a nice change to paint in a different setting. I have a much more hodge podge setup here but the room (basement) i'm painting in is actually much bigger than my studio back home*.  it serves as my dads music studio as well so I can take breaks and wreck my hands playing drums.

I plan on taking tons of pictures at Art Basel so check back soon.

*that's really something I'm going to have to remedy soon, especially as the paintings get bigger and's getting a little cramped. I can still make do, but getting any sort of distance from the pieces to check them out from a different perspective is impossible, even if I stand in the bathroom.