On Saturday, I hit Art Basel at the Miami Convention Center...another world entirely. The place was super crowded and filled with so many galleries that after an hour I was overwhelmed and totally lost. I saw some great stuff there too, but there was a much higher percentage of stuff that just didn't do it for me at all. I was really surprised by the amount of galleries using all their booth space for some super conceptual minimalist installation or sculpture of some kind, especially because I'm sure they're shelling out ridiculous money for the space. and that's another thing, there was a LOT of money there...mostly in the form of older couples dressed like they were going to a fancy party on a yacht, walking around discussing which 6 figure piece they must have. Not that I would complain one bit if my work was on their radar (and in that price range, holy crap), but it was interesting seeing a side of the art world where people are seriously investing in very expensive art. Some stuff I liked: IMG_0109