Last Sunday, I found myself with nothing to paint. I was (and am) still working on one last painting for the show in March, but was held up waiting for a background to dry. I've been on such a painting bender the last few weeks that having nothing pressing to work on, and thus, nothing to distract me from the inevitable depression of Singles Awareness Day (read: vday), was distressing to say the least. so, instead of handling the myriad other things I should be doing, I decided to paint my dumb face again.

This will be my third self-portrait. I painted the first a few years ago, when I spent some weeks doing portrait studies in an attempt to teach myself how to paint accurate flesh tones. I decided that I should do a self-portrait once a year, both to see my progression in execution and in age.  I already dropped the ball on that one and skipped last year....but I'm back on track.

this is after 4 or 5 hours, and is most definitely unfinished. I may get around to finishing it...and I may not. it's the first time I've painted on one of those art panels, which you're probably supposed to gesso. I was impatient and didn't want to wait 24 hrs for a coat of polyurethane to dry, so I just sprayed the whole thing with Crystal Clear and went to town. (part of me was expecting to come into the studio the next day and find all the paint sucked into the panel, but so far so good). anyway, painting on a smooth surface after years of canvas was awesome. i'm going to do the next few big pieces on panels I think, provided I can find someone to build me some. (let me know if you know of anybody)

When (and if) I finish this one, I'll post final pictures and maybe get into what a headtrip it is to paint one's's real weird.

more soon!