All the paintings for "Marks" are done! I finished oiling out the last one last night, and will be taking it to the gallery still very wet today. 9 of the 11 paintings for the show are already there, and having them out of my apartment after so much prep is odd. I sure do have a lot more room now though. Last week, Kirsten from the Shooting Gallery came by and did a little studio visit. she made a little video and blogged about being one of the first to see the entire show more or less completed. Here's the video:

Aaron Nagel Studio Visit from White Walls Gallery on Vimeo.

and here's the entire blog post:

also, a similar version on the Shooting Gallery blog:

thanks Kirsten! I like that Ty is so prominently featured.

I'll be back with more on the setup and get some more sneak peeks online very soon. thank you again for checking in.