First off, thank you to everybody that made it out to the "MARKS" opening. The Shooting Gallery was packed for almost 4 hours and it was great to talk to everybody. Special thank you to my family for making the trip from the East Coast and Chicago, and for those that caught flights or drove long distances to be there for the opening. It means more than you could know. All the pieces from the show are now online on my site here. I've been having a really hard time getting perfect images of a few of the new pieces. I've had them shot twice now, and am still running into problems with glare or uniform color accuracy. I'm likely being a little over-critical so they'll have to do until I can get some updated images up. most of them are spot on though. here's a few of the new ones, larger files (and non-flash) so you can save them if you wish. I'll post pictures from the opening as soon as I have some.

this one (above) from the last "step by step" posts here.