Fantastic artist, Jeremy Lipking, posted this on his Facebook profile today. It's a sort of video essay that aired on the BBC by philosopher Roger Scruton.  It was immediately re-posted by a slew of excellent figurative painters...so It peaked my interest. The first 2 segments, which i'll embed here, really struck a chord with me (but if you have some time, check 'em all out). I've had numerous conversations with friends over the last few years on the artistic merit of a certain exhibition or artist...which always leads to what makes art art in the first place. (these usually take place staring at a ball of string or a pile of drift wood on display in packed gallery).  Mr. Scrunton has some interesting things to say about conceptual art, and art whose purpose seems the antithesis of beauty. he's a bit smug (which I love), but I do generally agree with him. (not sure if I agree that modern architecture is the greatest crime against beauty so much, but I see his point).anyway, enjoy. it's very inspiring.

here's the rest of the series: #3, #4, #5, #6