I'm just finishing up this painting here. This picture was taken only two days in, and all in all, it went pretty smoothly. (I'll post final pictures soon). as usual, I did the face in one sitting, then was able to do the rest of the flesh tone the following day. I played around a bit with this piece: tried my best to loosen up a little, painted some pearls for the first time, did some different things with the background...It was a fun one. thank you to Nikki (yet again) for modeling. Next up, I'm going to do a piece for the Thinkspace group show that's going to the UK in June. all the pieces will be 12" x 12", which will make this probably the smallest painting I've ever done. I'm actually going to do two, just in case. if they both come out, maybe it'll be a diptych.

I also ordered some panels from Signature for my next larger paintings. they are beautifully constructed and are made from temperature treated basswood so they won't warp. I used to make my own when I lived in a warehouse. there's a number of reasons I don't do it anymore, the least of which was the quality of panels, which was poor. I also no longer have the room, the right tools, or any business being around fast moving blades.