This week, I continued on the two 12" x 12"s i've been working on. they're going pretty well and are both almost done. (one thing about painting so small -- they go quickly). I'll get some progress pics up soon. until then, I was able to get to a few art openings this week, so I thought I'd post a bit about that. word?

On thursday, I made it down to Hung Liu's opening of "Painting from Life and Death" at Rena Bransten Gallery in SF. she's quite the art heavyweight has been at it for years. you know that huge window piece at the Oakland airport with all the drippy flying cranes? that's hers.  her work isn't usually my cup of tea, but it was a great show and really well put together. she certainly knows what she's doing. after her show, I went to Slim's to see my buddies in Rx Bandits before they head down to play Coachella. not visual art I know, but they are certainly artists. they're also some of my closest friends and a big reason I had the balls to pursue art as a career. (maybe I'll get more into that another time?). seeing them makes me want to be in a touring band again, but then I remember all the work it takes to get to that level and that i'm 30 scratch that, painting it is. super fun night though.

the next night, I caught Carl Dobsky's opening at John Pence Gallery in SF. I hadn't heard of Dobsky before but was given the heads up by friend of mine who is a student of his at the Atelier School. really nice work. to top it off, there was something like 35+ pieces in the show!? years of painting all in one room. I can't imagine compiling that much material (not yet anyway). I particularly liked his Dia de los Muertos themed figurative work...super traditional but with that slight tinge towards the modern.

I was able to meet Carl and also got to catch up with Kim Cogan, who I hadn't seen since visiting his studio last year.  I had never been to, or even heard of John Pence Gallery, but man is it a nice space. and huge! in addition to the excellent showing by Dobsky,  there was a bunch of art in another room from the gallery's other artists, including 3 excellent pieces by Jeremy Mann. he was another new find for me, and also covers a lot of different subject matter; landscapes, figurative, still life, etc. His piece "Sonnet Dress in Violets and White", was beautiful.