I'm now done with the two 12" x 12" pieces I started two weeks ago. one, or both of them, will be part of "the Next Generation"art show (flyer below) at London's London Miles Gallery. It's curated by ThinkSpace (now down in Culver City), and features a ton of excellent artists from all over. It opens June 3rd for anybody in the area. as I mentioned a couple posts back, these tiny paintings went pretty quick. this (at right) is a shot after one sitting on painting #2. I've been using Walnut Alkyd as my main painting medium and I've been really liking it. it's non-toxic and smells pretty good, so I'm less freaked out by the carcinogens that come with the job. it doesn't really work for glazing, especially on a panel (it starts to slide down the wood -- not good), so i'm still relying on Liquin for that. I'm going to keep experimenting with some alternatives though, as Liquin is pretty gnarly. I tried a little mix of Stand Oil and Gamsol I read about on the interweb somewhere; didn't work at all... will keep trying.

I was also finally able to do another photoshoot last weekend, which will be reference for the next few paintings (hopefully). I got to work with two new models, which is always fun and inspiring (a special thank you to Aeschleah and Brenda for the help).  more soon.