"Looking East" opened on Wednesday night at Yves Laroche Gallery. The gallery had just recently moved to a brand new 9000 sq. ft. space -- huge for a gallery. that was enough room for a solo show from Daniel Martin Diaz, Justin's "Looking East" group show with 40+ pieces, and a more permanent collection. I usually burn out at gallery shows after about an hour (at the most), but this one was so varied, with so much to see...the three hour opening went by fast.

I was also really honored to meet Jean Labourdette (who goes by Turf One), a french artist now living in Montreal. I have seen his work online and there were one or two of his pieces in Miami last year -- but his stuff never ceases to amaze me in person. they have a crazy circus like quality that manages to be both surreal and realistic at the same time...without looking goofy. he's fantastic. I'd love to do a show with him sometime in the future. check out his site: I can't find an image of the piece he had in the gallery (he regularly shows at Yves Laroche) and forgot to take one, but here's one (at left) I particularly like.

More soon -- my dad and I are headed down to NY tomorrow to hit the museums. I've never been to the Met or Guggenheim and will attempt to remedy that.