I just got my copy of "Designing Obama", a book chronicling the design of the Obama campaign, and how its use was innovative in American Politics. It covers everything from the logo design and type-treatment, to a collection of Obama art from a huge list of artists. The Obama portrait I did back in early 2008 is in there, and there are some really nice pieces from Adam Doyle, Marlene Dumas, Ron English, James Widener, and tons more. The book was compiled and designed by Scott Thomas, the design director of the Obama Campaign and was funded entirely through Kickstarter. It's really pretty fancy looking, and the layout and design is fantastic (duh) -- I'm happy to have been a part of it. Although Obama has been a touch more moderate than I had hoped,  the campaign and election were pretty amazing and made me actually actively care about politics...for a few months anyway. From the press release: "Get the inside story on how design was used by the campaign, trace the emergence of ideas and images over the course of the election, and scope out the amazing art created by artists and grassroots supporters. It's the definitive account of the vision of thousands of people across the United States—all in one volume."

More information and a digital preview of the entire Designing Obama book can be found here: