So, to start...I have very reluctantly started a Twitter account. actually, my friend Steve Choi (here's his dumb twitter secret code name: @rxchoi,)  set one up for me and called me every night to harass me until I activated it. he does have a point, it's obviously become a pretty important social networking tool and I know a lot of good people who are way into it.  I still don't really get it though, and I consider myself pretty tech-savvy generally. ( I've also been saying I'd never partake for a few years now, so all those that may have heard that; free pass to talk some shit -- I totally deserve it). that said, my Twitter thing is @aaronnagel, and I'm going to do my best to actually make an effort for those who are into it. I still maintain that I never have 120 words that I deem interesting and/or important enough to bother people with, but maybe I'll just Tweef pictures? (that's what it's called right?) Onto a rant about brushes...or rather, buying brushes. I bought these today (at left). 6 brushes, $82.00.  that's with a %30 discount (I have a homey who works at the art store I already owe my first born to). I could buy 20 burritos for that; food for weeks.  a few of these are big ones for sure, but they're all synthetic (not mongoose or sable or unicorn), and I don't think they were handmade. If I treat them real nice, they may last a few years. I need them, and good ones make a difference...but jeeeez.

Aside from all that, I'm painting quite a bit. I have a few months of group shows coming up (posted at right), so I'm looking to have a few to pick from. started a new one last night actually, with a new pallet I've been liking [pic below for the painters out there].

thank you for checking in. more soon!