Here is the final portrait I did a few weeks back for Gavin Castleton's new album, "Won Over Frequency".  It was a nice change of pace and I'm really happy to have been able to contribute, he's a fantastic musician. I'm sure at some point we will make posters and possibly limited edition prints to go along with the album release and tour, so I'll be sure to post that info for anybody interested.

Gavin also made this video documenting all that went into the cover art, from initial photoshoot, to some digital post-production. We initially did a shoot at my place for a more straightforward portrait, but on his way back up to Portland, Gavin came up with the idea for the pink paint. I was unaware that he actually used housepaint...pretty real. the album is excellent, so I heartily encourage your support if you're into it. Gavin's site is gavincastleton.com, and you can pre-order "won over frequency" here.