Welcome to the new site! It's real basic, something i've been favoring lately - and it's without Flash (so all the iPhone and iPad users can actually see it). the 'Portfolio' can now be sorted by date, which is fun (right?), and the images are way bigger. there's still some bugs and i'm gradually going to keep fixing things, but wanted to get it up before the show. I decided on this re-haul last weekend after I realized how ill-equipped the old site was for all the new work, and predictably added a ton to my plate during a very hectic few weeks. But it's done-ish, and I hope it works for you. feel free to send me an email if you notice anything totally screwy. (I lot of the old blog entries need some image adjusting so those look a little unseemly, but I'll get to it one of these days). My solo show at Shooting Gallery is fast approaching, so i've spent the last few days taking paintings in to get photographed, paintings edges, varnishing, and generally making things presentable. So far it's looking like I will have 15 new pieces, including a smaller one I just started Tuesday (cutting it way close, but I feel like it needs to be included, and I seem to enjoy stressing myself out). I've been taking as many photos as I can so I'll start posting sneak peeks on the site right away -- I hope to have a new one up every day or so.

more very soon. thank you as always for reading and for the support, a

PS. I made this new combination pallet/paint stand. It's a used window I found at urban ore stacked on top of my old paint stand. i'm pretty stoked on it, this is a picture of it's maiden voyage.