All the paintings* from my solo show are now online on the portfolio page.  Thank you for being patient! I want to also thank all who made it out to the opening last night at the Shooting Gallery, it was a great turnout and a really good time. I was totally overwhelmed by all the kind things people had to say about the work. thank you again! I'll be posting show photos as soon as I have 'em, but until then, enjoy the new work...and always, thank you so much for the support --  this art thing is crazy hard, and would be totally impossible without your help and support.

best, a

*well, almost all. one portrait is still missing ("Royalty V") as I was working on it up until the last minute and didn't have a chance to get it professionally shot. I'll add it as soon as I do. until then, here's a shot of it before it went up on the wall.