And once again I'm lagging with posts. I've been working non-stop the last month on one big piece that will be going to Miami for Art Basel w/ Corey Helford Gallery. Not only is this one extra big, but i'm playing with some new elements that are taking quite a while to execute in the way I want to, both due to the new territory, and to lots of detail. I think i'm happy with it though now finally...good thing too because a 68" tall canvas is real hard to work on in my tiny studio, I had to stand on a tool box to work on it tonight in fact. It's fun though, and now i'll stop talking about a painting I can't post yet, I realize how annoying that probably is.

anyway, I expect things to slow way down after the prep for Miami. I've had three photoshoots in the last 2 weeks so I have a lot of new faces and material to play around with. (a very big thank you to Brittany, Elena, and Juliana for modeling).  I'll also likely do a bunch of simple portrait studies and possibly another 'step-by-step' painting chronicle this Winter.

I'm getting together a ton of pictures to post on the blog in lieu of new ramblings, so check back for those entries soon.