as promised: lots of pictures and rambles from Miami. This was my third year in attendance, and it was a great trip -- 4 art fairs, 14 Lara Bars, and very little sleep. more pictures, less words, below.

My new piece "Beacon" at Corey Helford Gallery's booth at Scope. I still don't have a proper pic of this one, so I'll postpone a lengthy explanation, but it's 40" x 58" and took me the better part of two months. Good picture coming soon.

really nice black on black piece from Retna. as a fan of type and fonts, I love that he's made a career of writing gibberish in a great looking made-up language.

an old piece from my friend Masami Teraoka. I love his work from this series.

I discovered Yigal Ozeri two years ago during my first visit to Miami and was happy to see 4 more pieces this year. he makes the most photo-realistic oil paintings i've ever seen...even close up, it's hard to see any painterly texture. these (above) are detail shots from two I particularly liked. oil on paper - gnarly. [I stumbled upon an interesting interview with him here for those so inclined.]

didn't get the artist or name on this one, but I like it. (it's an oil painting, none of that print stuff posted here).

I think I may have posted about this piece from Kent Williams a few months back, but I was happy to see it included in the Corey Helford booth. Having his work hanging within a few feet of mine was an honor, I'm a fan.

a very nice one from Melissa Forman, also shown w/ Corey Helford Gallery. look at that hand!

HUGE portrait from Gottfried Helnwein. This one is definitely painted on top of a print, which I have a real hard time with...but it's pretty rad none the less.

much more very soon.