Last friday, I got on a plane and flew from SF to Ft. Lauderdale. The occasion was two-fold: get tattooed in Tampa, and see Jenny Saville's exhibition in West Palm Beach. When I was out this way in December for Art Basel, my friend (and excellent tattooer) Phil Holt mentioned he had just found out that Jenny Saville had around 20 pieces in an obscure museum in West Palm Beach. We're both big fans of her work and hadn't heard a peep about this show, even though it had been up since November. We didn't have time to make it then, but decided we needed to see it before it came down in March. The Norton museum didn't allow photos (super lame), but we managed to sneak as many we could. Like most art, and especially with work of this scale, these things need to be seen in person. if you happen to be in South Florida within the next few months or can make the trip, I highly recommend it.  some really fantastic work.

human added for scale.

these pieces (among many others) were there as well, although I didn't get good shots. here are some from the internets.