another little portrait study from this week. here are some incessant ramblings about it: I wanted to experiment with painting on a cool color, instead of the usual warm canvas tint I usually use -- so this one is on a piece of gesso board, that I lightly painted with a medium grey acrylic. I really liked it. not sure why it made such a difference, although with the ground showing, it certainly made it easier to make the flesh tone glow.  I also tried to experiment a little with dry brushing paint into the background...which I'm definitely going to need to work on, although I like where it's going.

I'm going to keep banging away at these small studies and practice pieces, and will hopefully be able to do more and more. I'm also slowly planning the next series of larger work; really mapping out concepts and composition this time around. I'm going to start shooting reference material this weekend, and I'll do my best document that process  since it's something I haven't much covered in the blog before.