I took a quick trip down to LA last weekend. I go down every so often to visit buds, but timed this trip so I could catch Sean Cheethams show opening, as well as get in a few photoshoots. a very productive trip; little sleep and much coffee. Sean Cheetham's show at Katherine Cone Gallery was great, quite a bit of work from an artist that I haven't seen much new stuff from the last few years. I particularly liked the smaller work, which is rare for me as I tend to prefer giant oil paintings. my favorites must have been less than 18" or 20" square, and were painted on these little panels with rough unfinished edges. I particularly like how Cheetham's able to get the panel surface to show through so much on certain areas. It creates a really nice contrast between the looser and more finished areas of each piece.

I also had a chance to head over to Orange County and do a photoshoot in my friend Trevor's house. The interior of Trevor's house is all black; walls, furniture, everything. it's fucking great, couldn't have made up a better place to shoot. Also worked with a new model who was fantastic.  I'm still going through the pictures but they're definitely looking like the jump off point for a new series, so I'll likely head down and do even more shooting there within the next few months. I'll post more from the shoot as well as some goofy pictures we all took together soon.