I've spent the last 2 weeks going through images from my shoot in LA and have started to plan some big pieces. I really taking my time with concepts and composition, as I think i've rushed that process in past on occasion; jumping into paintings before I've really worked out what i'm painting and if I want to be painting it. I'm still wrestling with my usual portrait vs. surrealism problem, but hopefully i'll be able to resolve the two directions in a way that works. I did a portrait study of Chanon from the LA shoot earlier this week, which i'll post when I have a good shot of it. it's rare that I think some of the pictures I take for reference could stand up on their own, you know, as photography and I am no kind of photographer. but quite a few from that shoot look pretty rad, entirely due to Trevor's house and Chanon's pretty face.  here are a couple outtakes from the shoot: one an accidental shot of Chanon I find particularly moody. the other is what happens when a bunch of dudes goof-off with the talent, which I find...well, hilarious. laugh it up, I'm totally with you.