Welcome to the new site! Here's the story behind it. For those that don't know, I supplement this art thing with a web design company called Two Twenty Two Design Studio. I've been doing freelance web design on the side for years in order to keep myself out of an office job, and keep astronomically expensive vegan food in my tummy.  I recently started a new venture with a programmer friend called Bits and Bristles, which will provide websites specifically designed for artsy types like myself. frankly, the number of artist's sites I run into, just do a horrible job at showcasing the art; the one thing they should do well. many are using super outdated tech, and are often neglected because they can't be updated easily by the artists themselves. So we created Bits and Bristles, which will offer simple and very affordable template websites entirely designed to showcase an artists work, in the best way possible. So anyway, this site here is our first site design,  which should be ready for anybody else that may be interested in a similar site very soon. we're still working out the kinks, so please let me know if you run into anything buggy.

In the meantime, please poke around. I re-uploaded most of the images so they are larger and of higher quality than the old site -- and I finally have a section up for my portraits and studies. thanks for visiting!

More on Bits and Bristles soon, but if you think you might be interested in an artist site like this one, send an email to, and you'll be notified as soon as we're up and running.