Very much lagging on posting lately, so this one is going to be a hodge-podge of what's been going on this last month. First off, getting this website thing off the ground took some time, but it's been working great and i'm getting ready to roll out this template for a few other artists I really admire. I also was able to finish the large painting i've been working on lately. I think i'm really happy with it, mostly because I tried some new things  and for the first time in what seems like a really long time, those new things seem to have worked out.  sneak peek at left. The painting is the first in a new series that I will be showing later this year --(more details on that very soon).

I also just got back from another trip down South for photoshoots. I again ended up at the Black Flamingo, which is what Trevor's house I mentioned in this post is now called. This time I shot three different models over two days, none of whom I'd worked with before -- including two very nice ladies from Australia.  I did a quick portrait study of Jessica Clark (one of the aforementioned Australians, whom I came to learn has a gigantic fan base) when I got back into town.  I'll post that within the next day or so. more very soon!