My second print with 1xRun, "Signals", will be released next week! They will be available at 12pm EST on Wednesday June 6th and are limited to only 60. My first release with 1xRun sold out in a little under 8 hrs, so if you're interested, head over to and hit "notify me", so you'll get an email when the print drops. This will likely be the last print release until much later this year, while I work on the next show (more on that very soon). A huge thank you to those who bought the last one, and those planning to buy this one...the support really means everything.

For those that have been reading this blog for a while, this piece was the subject of a very detailed step-by-step series of blog entries. Those can be read starting here, or you can pop over to the 1xRun blog and see them all compiled together.