So I'm about two months out from the opening of my show in New York [October 11th at Lyons Wier Gallery] and I'm done with 4 brand new pieces,  with a fifth pretty far along. I'm in the safe zone now, as the pieces are quite big and the gallery is not huge -- but I'm hoping to do one more before I have to get them all prepped, photographed, crated, and on a truck to NY. I'd like to say that I've been lagging on blog entries because I've been doing nothing but painting for the last few months, and that would be true -- but it's also because I'm stressed out of my mind trying to make the best work, and also do enough outside work to keep me in food and rent. hardly glamorous, but I'm very happy with the pieces, and after this show, I'll miss the stress and hyper-productivity. More very soon, I promise. until then, here are some artsy progress/studio shots, mostly from my Instagram account (@aaronnagel - if you're so equipped)