The paintings for "Sovereign" are on their way to New York -- and man am I glad they're en route. Now I just hope they get there in one piece. This was the first time I've had to crate and ship my own work across the country, and man was it stressful. getting all the pieces finished, prepped, and packed is one thing -- but a custom crate and shipping it to NY was a lot more involved and time-consuming than I was prepared for. I'll spare you the long version, but all culminated on Monday when the delivery truck showed up a block away from the crate (he refused to move it closer and we had to push the 250lb crate down a very bumpy alley) to find the truck was not equipped with a lift gate. I was ready to just lift the fucking thing up there, but the driver wouldn't risk his back (smart) - so I had to go door to door looking for someone with a forklift. I found a guy, who made me jump through hoops (I actually had to scribble him a release saying I wouldn't sue him if he dropped the crate) before eventually helping out. good times. so anyway, the pieces are out of my hands -- while I am immensely relieved, and now very much looking forward to the opening (October 11th, Lyons Wier Gallery), I will be fervently tracking the crate and crossing my fingers.

more very soon.