I was invited to participate in this years Dirty Show in Detroit MI, which opens Feb 12. I was initially hesitant to participate, as my paintings are often mistaken as erotica and it can get a little frustrating at times. There is nudity, but I actively try and steer away from anything that might be even slightly erotic -- it's really not what i'm going for. sure, there's always going to be people who see a nipple and think, "porn".  sure, our various social networking solutions wholeheartedly remove art containing nudity (i've had many "...in violation of..." notices), validating those idiots who don't approve. So my initial thought was that doing a purposefully erotic painting would be a bad idea; just having it out there making it harder for people to see past nudity...but I also really liked the idea of doing something so conceptually different. And If I did something really erotic, maybe I'd have something for those people to compare my other stuff to; "this one is not erotic at all, those are just boobs -- this one over here though, that one is erotic. enjoy!"



I'm barred from posting this one uncensored almost anywhere else, so feel free to click, save, and send around. info on the show below -- look at that lineup! a big thank you to curator Genevive Zacconi for having me!