Portrait of Carré Step-by-Step #1

It's been years since I've done one of these, but after that last post, it seemed overdue. so over the next few posts, I'll document my process as much as I can. a note: as a mentioned in the previous post, this is an entirely new way of painting portraits for me, so I'm still working it out. 

First things first. Here's the pallet I'm starting with:

1 - Titanium White (Charvin), 2 - Naples Yellow (Williamsburg), 3 - Cad Yellow Medium (Williamsburg), 4 - Cad Orange (Gamblin), 5 - Yellow Ochre (Williamsburg), 6 - Cad Red Medium (Williamsburg), 7 - Italian Burnt Sienna (Williamsburg), 8 - Perylene Red (Gamblin), 9 - Alizarin Permanent (Gamblin), 10 - Transparent Oxide Brown (Rembrandt), 11 - Mars Black (Windsor Newton), 12 - Oleogel medium (Rublev), 13 - Ultramarine Blue (Williamsburg), 14 - Manganese Violet (Williamsburg), 15 - Viridian (Gamblin), 16 - Sap Green (Williamsburg), 17 - Cerulean Blue (Rembrandt), 18 - Kings Blue (Williamsburg)

Amazingly, I tend to add even more colors as I go. With this piece, I also used: Quinacridone Red (Williamsburg), Ruby Red (Charvin), Trans Oxide Black (Rembrandt), French Burnt Umber (Rublev), Unbleached Titanium Pale (Williamsburg). I used a variety of brushes, most of which are Rosemary's Series 2025, and Windsor & Newton synthetics. 

And while i'm sharing, here's my setup on the other side of the easel. Obviously, no cleaning or tidying up was done prior to this picture. 

1 - Turp Natural (for cleaning brushes that get funky), 2 - Air Conditioning! (because 4 months out of the year, LA is way too hot), 3 - medical grade towels (I use these to wipe paint directly on the panels -- for mistakes or texture. they leave no lint), 4 - cold wax medium mixed with gamsol (for adding to retouch varnish to make less glossy), 5 - very spendy Da Vinci brush I use only for for varnish, 6 - Windsor & Newton Retouch Varnish mixed with wax medium, 7 - sweet ass (old) laptop. I use photoshop to display my reference on an external monitor, and itunes to play audiobooks generally about WWII, 8 - string! best tool I know (aside from lasers) for straight lines and perspective, 9 - This is water...for drinking, 10 - powder-free latex gloves, 11 - I don't know where 11 is...oops, 12 - this is paint "on deck", stuff I use fairly regularly, 13 - there's twice as much paint on the second shelf, 14 - swivel stand for my monitor. 

more very soon!