Not Art


Is putting it mildly.

Hello friends. Recently, I decided to uproot and move down to LA, in an attempt to switch things up, get out of my comfort zone, and paint in a new city. The morning after a day of loading a U-Haul with all the contents of my apartment and studio in Oakland, I awoke to find the U-Haul stolen. It was locked, and parked in a fancy neighborhood, but still...gone.

Aside from the loss of my furniture, clothes, and the usual contents of a person’s life, I lost all of my art supplies, studio gear, and everything else I need to make paintings. Ten years of brushes and paint, mediums, cameras and lights, panels, stretchers, reference material...the list goes on.

So at the behest of many close friends, family, and supporters, I started an Indiegogo campaign in hopes that one can make a small donation toward getting me back on my feet – and painting again. you can find it here:


My cat Ty and I, are currently alive and well in our new apartment in LA. We have no furniture and sleep on a borrowed air mattress, but we have our health, and there's really not much else we absolutely need.


So in light of all this, it's going to take a minute for me to get back up and running and acting like a productive artist, and I cannot wait. I'll be back with an update as soon as humanly possible, and will hopefully be back painting again super soon. thank you so much for all the support. you are the best.